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    Temperature Solution

    For 25 years Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. has supplied process, manufacturing and temperature solutions to companies throughout the world.  From the U.S. to Australia, to Germany and the Philippines A.I.S. has supplied quality products to industry, laboratories, and schools.  Our goal is to find cost effective quality solutions  to improve our customer's ability to measure and control  their processes.

    A.I.S. supplies end users and OEM's.  Our engineers are glad to provide assistance to customers large or small.  Our flexibility allows us to provide one-off solutions or OEM quantities.  Our large stock provides quick delivery. And our extensive product knowledge saves you time.


    Take a look at one of our new 4 - 20 mA Transmitter Selection Guide.   For many applications 4 - 20 mA is still the most popular solution to sensor interface conncetions.  Our new  4 - 20 mA Transmitter Selection Guide saves you time by giving you a quick reference to 4 - 20mA transmitters for a wide variety of applications.  if you need something simple like a TC transmitter or a more complex non-linear transmitter for thremistors, take a look at this new tool.

    You will also find a selection of Loop Splitters, Isolators and Re-scalers.


    A.I.S. doesn't just supply components.  A.I.S. can integrate products with hardware and software to meet your specific requirements.  A.I.S. has designed and developed software and hardware systems solutions for some of the largest companies in the world, while keeping the ability to work effectively with even the smallest. 


    Call on us when you need a solution.  You may contact one of our engineers at:
    1-800-532-2477 or e-mail us at


    We are here to help.



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