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Applications Notes from A.I.S.:


New Color Graphics Displays from Maple Make Plant Floor Color Graphics Easy

AN502 Monitoring Oven Temperatures
AN503 TC - Tips and Techniques
AN504 PID Loop Control
AN505 What Is A TC, and How Does It Work?

Dual Input Counters


Sources of Error In TC Measurements


Reducing Overshoot at Start-up


Reducing Overshoot with “Ramp To Setpoint”


Trouble Shooting PID Loops


What is an RTD and How Does It Work?


How Do You Determine Cold Junction Error in a TC System?


RTD Hoop-ups


Input Temperature Measurement Options for 400 Series Medical and Life Sciences Probes

AN1201 Field Logger
AN1403 4 - 20 mA Transmitters

Applications Notes from Others:

Humidity Fundamentals by ACI

Applications Guide For Comms on CAL Controllers ... (CAL Controls)

Applications Guide for ModBus on CAL Controllers ... (CAL Controls)

CALgraphix Networking and OPC ... (CAL Controls)

Campus Power Monitoring (Corsair HMI Software)


Glass Toughening Application For CALogix ... (CAL Controls)


Heated Tank Application For CALogix ... (CAL Controls)

How to Select the Right Temperature Sensor ... (Pyromation)

ModBus Serial to Ethernet Converter Considerations ... (Corsair HMI Software)

Remote Alarms ... (CAL Controls)

TC Fundamentals ... (Marlin Mfg.)

Temperature Control of Plastic Extruders ... (CAL Controls)

ThermaViewer Temperature Monitor Applications Notes

West - Creating Profiles for the ProVU Controller

Example Configurations:


CAL 3300 SSR Wiring Diagram ... (CAL Controls)

  CAL 9500 SSR Wiring Diagram ... (CAL Controls)
  CAL 9500 with Operator Interface ... (CAL Controls)
  CAL 9500 with CALgraphix - Programming and Data Acquisition Software ... (CAL Controls)
  CAL Communications Hook-up ... (CAL Controls)
  CALgraphix Hook-up ... (CAL Controls)
  CALogix for Multi-room Control Systems ... (CAL Controls)
  Corsair Data Acquisition Software ... (Corsair Software)
  Distributed Data Acquisition System
  Ethernet to Fiber Converter
  Honeywell 7800 Burner Controller ... (Corsair Software)
  Maple Operator Interface ... (Maple Systems)
  Multiple Maple Operator Interface ... (Maple Systems)

Tables and Conversion Factors:

Coefficients for Selected Thermistors
Conversion Factors
Conversion Factor Tables (A - Z) - Extended 
DIN Instrument Sizes and Standard Cutouts
Melting/Freezing Points of Common Materials
Pressure Conversion Tables
RH vs. Temperature
Sheet Metal Thickness
Steam Tables
TC & RTD Tables
Thermistor Tables
Water - Properties
Wire Tables - Size, Capacity, Resistance of Copper Wire
YSI 400 Series Medical Probes - R vs. T Table

Publications and Organizations:

Publications and Organizations of Interest to Technical Professionals


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