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Martel Electronics Acquires BETA Calibrators
Londonderry, NH; March 15, 2003 – Martel Electronics Corporation (Martel) has announced that it has acquired the BETA Calibrator division of Hathaway Process Instrumentation Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hathaway Corporation. The strengths of the BETA Calibrator product line in pressure measurement, combined with that of Martel Electronics in general process signal acquisition and conditioning, is seen as a synergistic union of the product lines, people, and technologies of the two companies. The acquisition of BETA Calibrators by Martel Electronics will provide an expanded line of high accuracy process calibrators for the customers of both companies, and will provide opportunities for both Martel and BETA Calibrators to serve additional market segments. The service depot at the BETA Calibration facility is viewed as a leading facility in the industry, and will be expanded over time to address the service and recalibration needs of all Martel and BETA customers, and the process industry in general.

The most important part of the BETA Calibrator acquisition is the synergy realized by the addition of the BETA personnel to those of Martel. Bill Modlin, who has been the long-time Sales and General Manager of BETA, and who is well-known and respected for his depth of industry knowledge, will continue to play several critical roles as BETA Calibrators moves forward as part of Martel Electronics.

From the Martel viewpoint, the acquisition of BETA Calibrators from Hathaway continues the momentum and significant growth gained during the last two years as Martel has moved its state-of-the-art process calibrator product designs into the marketplace under its own brand label. The acquisition actively demonstrates that “Martel is a small high-tech company ‘on the move’.” BETA Calibrators will be the beneficiary of Martel’s world-class technology and manufacturing capabilities.

Martel Electronics Corporation offers a diversified line of hand-held and bench calibrators, process instruments, process indicators, power supplies, meters and displays, and test and measurement instruments manufactured to the highest quality standards for the process industry and OEM applications.


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