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CorsairHMI Software represents the latest in compact, fast, and easy to design Operator Interface Software.  Our emphasis on efficient design and tight coding give you the kind of speed you expect, and a price that can't be beat!

The CorsairHMI Package is more than just an HMI.  Although Corsair provides the graphics interface and interconnectivity you expect, CorsairHMI provides high resolution graphics, with simplicity that makes them easy to use..  And you are sure to be pleased with the multitude of advanced functions, and their ease of implementation. 

CorsairHMI is a portable application.  As such it can be easily located in any convenient place on the system.  Since CorsairHMI is memory resident it can be located on a USB Memory stick, the local computer or a server - whatever is best for your system configuration.  In case of a hardware failure (or a computer upgrade), just copy CorsairHMI to the new machine and you are up and running.  Sorry - we don't have any complicated installation routine or hardware keys to keep track of.  There is no annual license fee.

Interconnectivity gives you the power of information.  Information to the operator, the plant manager, engineering, vendor managed inventory...CorsairHMI has it all.  No extensive programming required, just connect to the device with the data, and it integrates easily into the CorsairHMI data base.  Need other computers on-line?  Simply copy over the data base and add the computer name to the CorsairHMI list.  Need external data availability?  CorsairHMI has open communications.  ASCII terminal and DataBridge are two powerful features for distributing data over IP or serial  interfaces (dedicated or dial-up).  And, of course, CorsairHMI can talk to a variety of devices from analyzers to PLC's to Modbus enabled PAC devices.  IP and serial, CorsairHMI is made to communicate.  Add trending, Graphics, Datalog, Function Blocks, MiniPrograms and the many other features below, and your plant is set up and ready.

Real Time Data for Real Time Manufacturing

Simple Set-up
Start with CorsairHMI’s simple set-up.  There is no programming involved.  You simply name your computer, set-up your drivers (that’s the way CorsairHMI talks to your I/O), and assign the driver to your I/O device (PLC).  Tell CorsairHMI which points to fetch and CorsairHMI goes and gets the data and you need.  Setting up a Device or Tag is just this simple  (Edit-Data-Devices-F4 to add a device; F2 to name it);  F6 to Insert the device information.  You just added a tag.

Building the Display

Let’s display a value.

Select “Edit”, “Graphics”, “Screens”.





Select from the list of screens (or add a new one):


Insert your graphic.  (Put your mouse about where you want the graphic, press F4)  Select “Value”; select “Display”, click on “Dev” type a letter in its name and select it.  We could have inserted a  graphic, or an operator entered value just as easily.  There are many predefined graphics, or you can add your own with the icon feature. 

With just a few more keystrokes you can develop an entire Operator Interface Screen.  It might look something like this screen, with trends, graphics and animation.  Click on a "handle" (the little square box in the corner of the field) and you can drag it around, resize it or edit its properties.


Real time graphing displays give a quick view of how your process is running.  Data Historian provides printed or saved records of key data in an Excel compatible format, or as a screen representation.  Programmable save interval, and time-of-day save can all be triggered by an event or enabled as Always.  Flexibility is built in.  No complicated add-ons to buy just to view your data.


The Corsair Applications Designer was developed with the process engineer in mind.  No tricky software, just straightforward lay out of your plant process.  Reports, Trends and Graphics are all included.

Report Trend Graphic

Tags are readily defined.  Create them and name them with easy to recognize names.  Our tag menu makes it easy:

Tag List Tag Set-up


There are many other advanced features in CorsairHMI.  Below are some of the powerful components of CorsairHMI...

  CorsairHMI Distributed System

Key Features

  • Distributed System Capability  Acquire Data, Display Data anyplace on your network.  No limitations on location.  Secondary Network Capability keeps critical process and control I/O on the plant IP network, while maintaining data availability on the MIS network. Multiple CorsairHMI instances can also provide redundancy for critical I/O data.
  • Versatile Device Drivers   Available Drivers include Modbus, AB, GE, ASCII, Maple, Siemens,  CAL, West, Honeywell,  Nematron and more. All of our standard drivers are built into the Corsair Software Package.
  • Arrays Array blocks allow for faster programming and powerful math.
  • Data Sharing
    • DataBridge Modbus Host/Remote Interface provides data transfer to other devices and over the internet.  It also allows the interchange of data with other programs on the same PC.  DataBridge provides enhanced security with read/write protection per tag.
    • VMI Vendor Managed Inventory provides dial up data to third parties for inventory or other requirements.
    • ASCII Terminal Provides ASCII terminal output for remote information access.
  • Remote Data/Graphics Display Provides remote computers with access to CorsairHMI data and graphics
  • Unlimited Tags no practical limit on the number of tags, either internal or external
  • Data Transfer transfers data to files, remote computers, Excel compatible CSV files on event, time or operator request.
  • Alarms are handled with Acknowledge, Latch functions.  Security allows suspension of non-essential alarms in case of an alarm flood.  E-mail on alarm is also provided.

Advanced  Features

  • Graphics High Resolution graphics provide an easy to use operator interface. 
  • Animation provides tank height, color change on alarm, invisible and other graphic conditional requirements.
  • Sheets provide data display in a spreadsheet like format.  Builds lists, reports, etc.
  • Reports built in Sheets provide reports, load tickets, tracking, etc.
  • Trends real time memory resident trends for easy data interpretation
  • Quick Trends  something going on that you want to watch?  Control-Q on any point creates a Quick Trend.  No set-up, just click.
  • Datalog Save information on disc for required documentation, or easy review in Excel compatible CSV files
  • Datalog Trends View Datalog files in trend mode directly from the Corsair Interface
  • Math mX+b, table look-up, max, min, square root.  A wide variety of mathematical functions in real time.  Time arithmetic provides ramp and soak, integration capability.  Arrays simplify programming when dealing with large blocks of data
  • MiniPrograms (Scripts) String together blocks, make logical decisions in easy to use block scripting language
  • Turn Back Time Easily view what happened in the past on your familiar graphic templates
  • Alarm Management  Print alarm logs, monitor alarm status, set software alarms.  Alarm on unacknowledged alarms.  Local and Remote Alarm acknowledge. 
  • Drawings Online drawings for use by engineers, electricians, maintenance and operators.  Direct access from the CorsairHMI screen for easy accessibility.
  • Print Manual Print I/O tree, blocks drawings etc for permanent reference. 

The Corsair Data Acquisition Software is also available with Honeywell 7800 Series Flame Relay Burner Control Templates. The Corsair Honeywell Burner Control Option provides the capability to Monitor and Record the Burner Information from the Honeywell 7800. The control information is captured and recorded at the centralized location including:

·       Sequence Status

·       Lockout/alarm status

·       Flame signal strength

·       Total hours and cycles of operation


 The 127 different faults and their messages give the operator a complete picture of the burner operation.  The 6 most recent faults are available at the click of the mouse. The Honeywell Burner Control Option requires Honeywell’s ModBus Interface.


CorsairHMI is available as a complete package for a single computer or as a networked system with multiple computers and multiple nodes.  The only tag limit in the Corsair Software is the maximum memory of your computer system.  We have systems running with over 20,000 tags.

Our Data Acquisition Package provides a smaller system for Small System Development that is fully upward compatible with its big brother systems for future upgrades.  Limited only in its process display screens, the CSW016 is an ideal solution for small jobs requiring only limited operator interface capabilities.  Unlimited tags, function blocks and full interface capability are included.  The only limitation is the six operator screen maximum.

Our complete package (CSW511) provides distributed HMI throughout your operation.  Multiple computers, distributed inputs, they are all supported.

Give us a call or e-mail with your application.  We'll be glad to take a look.


Corsair Software Price List
CSW016 Corsair HMI Software for Data Acquisition Systems. with Standard Driver Package, One Computer, Maximum of 6 Applications Screens, Data Historian, Standard Templates, Data Display Sheets, Unlimited Tags (> 20,000), and Corsair Applications Designer.  Includes basic driver package.  Diagnostics are not included in this package.  May be upgraded with no changes in your already developed application.   $   650.00 
CSW111 Corsair HMI Software with Standard Driver Package, One Computer, Unlimited Applications Screens, Data Historian, Standard Templates, Data Display Sheets, Unlimited Tags (> 20,000), Diagnostics and Corsair Applications Designer.  May be upgraded with no change in your already developed application.  Includes expanded driver package, Honeywell 7800 and MBHR.   $1,250.00
CSW511 Corsair HMI Software with Standard Driver Package, Multiple Computer Capability Site License, Unlimited Applications Screens, Data Historian, Standard Templates, Data Display Sheets, Unlimited Tags (> 20,000), Diagnostics and Corsair Applications Designer.   $  3,450.00 


MBHR Remote Computer Monitoring Package.  Provides an HMI remote interface over I/P for remote monitoring.    $  175.00 



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Corsair Software Manual

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