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Laurel Meters for Linearization

Many Processes have inputs that are non-linear in nature.  Weir boxes, flow meters, thermistors, and horizontal tank level all are examples of non-linear inputs.  Inputs can be analog or pulse (digital).

The Laurel Extended Laureate can linearize the input signal and display the result in engineering units required by the process engineer.  Our 250 point curve can linearize almost any input with no noticeable error.  Just send us your curve on an Excel Spread sheet, and we will preprogram your meter directly and send it to you with the curve in place.

Add a 4 - 20 mA output, and you now have a low cost transmitter to your PLC or HMI.

Alarm set-points are also available for tank fill or other process applications. turbine flow meters, which tend to be nonlinear on the low end.

Custom Curve Linearization for Laureate Rate Meters                Engineering Units Engineering Unit Linearization

If an industrial measurement and control problem can be solved by a programmable counter / timer or digital panel meter / controller, Laurel Electronics will come up with a practical, cost-effective solution. Laurel panel instruments combine high performance with exceptional flexibility through a rich set of hardware options and programmable features. They represent superior value the user, and are backed by unmatched service and technical support. To help us solve your application problem, call us 1-800-532-2477 or e-mail .
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