450 Series
Digital Thermometer



Doric 450TH Thermistor ThermometerThe 450 Series digital thermometers are among the most accurate, reliable, and convenient handheld instruments available. Using a unique, patented noise reduction circuit, the Series 450 achieves the high repeatability and accuracy of line-powered bench top units.

A custom-designed dual integrated circuit set gives you a single instrument with wider temperature ranges, higher resolutions, and longer performance than most other handheld thermometers. Data hold freezes the displayed reading for easy viewing away from difficult measurement locations.

Battery life is unsurpassed, with a single 9V battery providing up 2000 hours or more of use. An externally available zero pot, conveniently located at the back of the instrument, lets you match ice point calibrations to specific probes for even greater system accuracy.


The 450 series is available in Thermocouple, RTD, or Thermistor configurations. Please specify when ordering.

Price:  $ 335


Specifications for Doric 450:


Large (0.3") LCD Display is Easy to Read in All Light Conditions


1/0.1 F/C Switchable


0.1 Resolution to 399.0F, 203.0C  -  100% digital in custom ASIC

Operating Temperature Range:

050C  or  32122F


F / C Switchable on Front Panel

Battery Type/Life: (typical):

9V NEDA  #1604 (included)   
Thermistor - 1200 Hour Battery Life
Thermocouple - 2000 hours
RTD -  500 hours

Compatible with Sensor Types:

Thermistor YSI 400  2252 Ω probes and US Sensor J Curve 2252 Ω Probes
Thermocouples J, K, T, E
Platinum RTD 100%  0.00385

Thermistor Accuracy:

0.1C Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.25C             0.1F Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.45F

TC Accuracy: 1C Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.8C 1F Range, 0.1% rdg, 1.4F
0.1C Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.3C 0.1F Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.45F
RTD Accuracy: 1C Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.8C 1F Range, 0.1% rdg, 1.4F
0.1C Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.25C 0.1F Range, 0.1% rdg, 0.45F

Data Hold:


Connector: Thermistor - 1/4" phone jack
450K K Thermocouple Mini-connector
450J  J Thermocouple Mini-connector
450E  E Thermocouple Mini-connector
450T  T Thermocouple Mini-connector
450PT  Platinum RTD  3-pin TA3M

Size (H x W x D):

5.7" x 3.3" x 1.8" (144mm x 85mm x 45mm)

Weight: 9 oz. (255 g)


450 Series Manual

TC Probes          RTD Probes          Thermistor Probes

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