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The Most Comprehensive Industrial, Commercial and Heavy Duty
Encoder and Resolver Product Line Available Anywhere...
for Resolution You Can Count On.

HSD44 Full Dynapar makes the broadest line of trusted brands in motion feedback control, including Dynapar and Hengstler brand incremental encoders and absolute rotary encoders, heavy-duty Northstar encoders and high-performance Harowe brand resolvers.

Dynapar offers the world’s broadest range of reputable brand name encoder products to satisfy a full range of industrial factory, motor speed, cut-to-length and positioning applications. A recognized leader in absolute rotary encoders, commercial light-duty, industrial incremental and motor mount feedback controls, Dynapar has supplied encoder system solutions to customers the world over for over 50 years - effectively establishing themselves as a recognized leader in motion feedback controls.

With the subsequent addition of Northstar brand heavy-duty magnetic sensing technology encoders and Harowe brand ultra-compact high performance resolvers, the Dynapar feedback controls product platform has grown to become the most comprehensive line of rotary encoders and feedback controls available anywhere.

Northstar brand heavy-duty incremental encoders and pulse tachs are synonymous as the world’s most rugged and reliable brand of heavy- duty encoders and pulse tachs designed to satisfy a full range of velocity and position control applications within harsh industrial and commercial applications. NorthStar's line of digital tachometers, absolute encoders, pulse generators and instrumentation have changed the industry standard for feedback devices used by virtually all electric motor and drive manufacturers in process industries. Northstar has supplied heavy duty pulse tach and encoder system solutions to customers the world over for over 30 years under the slogan Aggressive, Innovative & Unmatched Reliability through Innovation.

Similarly, Harowe offers the world’s most compact, rugged and reliable range of high-performance resolver products to satisfy a full range of military and commercial aircraft feedback and positioning applications, frequently involving performance extremes such as low/high temperature, shock, vibration, radiation, RFI and high speed. Rugged, noise resistant and brushless, Harowe brand resolvers are trusted for non-stop performance in tough conditions.

Over the last 50 years, Harowe has supplied compact housed and brushless resolvers and resolver system solutions to customers the world over under the slogan The Most Trusted Brand for Durable Resolvers"

No Supplier Offers More Feedback Controls & Accessory Solutions….than Dynapar

With an installed base of 1 million encoders and some 5 million resolvers, trusted DynaparNorthstar and Harowebrand feedback controls are the most respected in the industry and come in every conceivable size and type available. With each successive application, we get a little smarter, learning from our employees, our suppliers and most importantly you, our customers. All those lessons are embedded in the new generations of innovative and rugged feedback products that Dynapar offers today.

So, whatever feedback technology you need – absolute, incremental or resolver -we can supply it with no design changes and without having to change vendors. Only Dynapar makes all three types of feedback devices in the exact same size and configuration to enable you to simply drop in the technology you need into your design application. And with factories and support around the globe, we offer some of the fastest ship times in the industry to meet your design schedule.

  • Optical Absolute Encoders
  • Optical Incremental Encoders
  • Motor Mount Encoders
  • Explosion Proof Encoders
  • Complete Range of Accessories

An established legacy of performance experience, you can rely on…

  • Dynapar™- is a respected leader in light duty, industrial duty and high performance absolute rotary encoders and incremental encoders for over 50 years.
  • Northstar™- brand encoders with ultra-reliable magnetic sensing technology are the recognized specialists in heavy-duty encoders and pulse tachs for over 30 years .
  • Harowe™- are the first choice for rugged, noise resistant housed and brushless resolvers trusted for heavy duty construction and non-stop performance in tough conditions for over 50 years .

The Industry’s Shortest Lead Times…

At Dynapar, we are obsessed with quick lead times. Due to thousands of possible “standard combinations” of configurations available, all Dynapar and Northstar brand encoders and Harowe brand resolvers are built to order utilizing efficient Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing processes. Standard lead time on Dynapar, Northstar and Harowe brand products is 3 days for most models. Our answer to the question “when can I get it?" is “when do you want it?" 24-Hour turnaround rush orders are also available to meet your specific project needs or deadlines.

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