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Entertron Industries Inc. - Specializing in PLCs for OEMs since 1978

Celebrating 25 years of providing solutions to OEMs


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Download our Free ePLC software and ePalm PDA interface

Click to download your Free copy of Eware32

Includes manual and 32 programming examples.

Our newly introduced ePalm PDA interface software will run for 30 days without a license. Once the 30 days have expired, please contact Entertron to purchase your license.

Download size = 433K (includes manuals)

Note - The software is password protected. You will have to contact Entertron for the password. Please state that you are requesting the password for Eware32.

In addition to requesting a password for Eware32, if you have an application that you would like us to review for you, complete our product recommendation form.

Now you can download the manuals for our Eclipse Operator Interface and Touch Screens online. Click the links to go the page you want. The download is below the picture of each product.


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Through our association with WWMachines, you now can access your ePLCs through cell phone technology. Ideal for remote locations or multiple locations where you would utilize multiple telephone lines. Datalog, Call out alarms, modify register information. All information is logged on to a secure web site. To find out more, click on above log.


What's New?

Elite-2000 now capable of up to 16 analog inputs / 16 analog outputs
Entertron Introduces an Interface for Your PDA to ePLC Connection
Entertron Introduces Redundant Control System for Press Manufacturers.
Entertron offers 24 VDC power supply for Smart-PAK series

Entertron Introduces programmable vehicle restraint controller

Entertron Celebrates 25 years of providing solutions to OEMs
An even longer warranty than before - 5 year / 7 year
Find out why Entertron is "The OEM Friendly Company"!!!
Software Comparison

Touch Screen Comparison (Updated - 08/05/02)

Elite-2000 offers 2 amp transistor or triac output...WOW!!!

View our output comparison page of various PLC manufacturer's and compare for yourself.

Are you looking for assistance with your application?

Entertron can supply you with an independent integrator familiar and experienced with Entertron's products. They can supply you with a solution. For more information, contact us to discuss further.

Entertron Industries has been manufacturing embedded programmable logic controllers (ePLCs) exclusively since 1978. Every programmable logic controller manufactured by Entertron is made in the United States.

Our ePLCs are designed for small I/O applications (up to 128 I/O) in a board level style. Entertron offers the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) propriety and flexibility not found in other manufacturer's PLCs.

To view Entertron's UL listing as a recognized component, please visit UL at www.ul.com/database and type in our UL file number E132615

What about Entertron's old controllers?

Entertron offers replacement controllers for the following models:
SK1600 (solid state) No web information available
SK1600-R2 (relay), SK1600-R3 (relay)
SK1600-RSA (relay with analog I/O)
SK1800 (relay and solid state)
Contact Entertron with your model number and serial number and we will be able to match the controller you have with a direct replacement.


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