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Thank you for considering A.I.S. for your purchase requirements.  If you would like to place an on-line order please supply the information below.  Do Not Supply A Credit Card Number at this time.   If you are ordering by credit card, our staff will contact you for the information.  If you are sending it over the internet we will send you a special encoder program.  

If you have an account with us, please check the box.  Don't forget your P.O. number. 

Since most of our products are technical in nature, we will normally contact you to confirm your specifications.  If you do not need us to contact you, you may check the "firm order" box, and we will fill it, add freight and ship it. (Note: credit cards require us to contact you.)   If you do not know the price, you may estimate it, or leave it blank.  We will contact you.


Item Part Number Description Quantity Price
 Charge Sales Tax:                           Freight:  
This is a firm order ...  Correct pricing errors, (up to ), add taxes/freight and ship it to me.
This is an order, but I need Information or a Quote ... Contact me
Quote me .... Send me a Quote.
Other ...
I have an account. 
I would like to open an account,  contact me ( $ 250 minimum).
I want to use a credit card (We must contact you for credit card info and validation).  
Other ...
Use my P.O. #

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Note:  Prices shown are for reference only, and may change without notice.  Contact Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. for firm price quotations.

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