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The ACI/GP is a two-wire, 4-20 mA gage pressure transmitter.  These units have been designed to provide excellent accuracy and reliability in typical industrial grade environments.  Some of the most common applications include: 

         HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment
         Pumps and Compressor Control
         Industrial Engines
         Hydraulic Systems 
         Level Depth Instrumentation

The ACI/GP pressure transducers are compatible with a wide range of gases and liquids.  They are available in ranges from 0 to 15 up to 0 to 5000 PSIG.  Other ranges may be available upon request.  


All units are accurate to +/- 0.25% of Full Scale (includes non-linearity, hysterisis, and repeatability).  The ACI/GP pressure transmitter offers a combined repeatability and hysterisis factor that is typically below +/- 0.15% of full scale. The GP pressure transducers are both RFI and Reverse Polarity Protected.

The pressure port is a 1/4-18 NPT Male fitting made of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel.  Each unit is approximately 2.45 inches long and weighs approximately 3.3 ounces.  A 2 shielded cable is supplied for making all of the proper connections.  All of the sensors may be mounted in an optional  NEMA 4 rated enclosure.

All units have a two year factory warranty.

Contact ACI for further information regarding this product. 

Maximum Pressure Ratings:
Gage psig Proof psig Burst psig
0 - 14.7 Vac 40  
0-15 40 400
0-50 100 750
0-100 500 1000
0-200 500 2000
0-500 1000 3000
0-1000 2000 5000

Ordering Information:

  Pressure Range Housing
ACI-A/GP- [  ] [  ]
  0 -14.7 vacuum NEMA 4 (optional)
  0-15 psig  
  0-50 psig  
  0-100 psig  
  0-200 psig  
  0-500 psig  
  0-1000 psig  

Price:  $ 245.00

Example: A/GP (0-50) or A/GP (0-100)-NEMA4   --   Other Ranges are available (including vacuum).

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