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Configure-to-Order Custom Thermistor and RTD Probes
Configure-to-Order probes offer the flexibility of custom design at the price many of standard parts. Match a thermistor or RTD with sheath, cable and termination options to create a custom probe for your temperature measurement application. If you dont find a Configure to Order probe that suits your application, we can design probes specifically for your application. We also offer off the shelf Standard 400 Series Probes.  Not all configurations are valid.  Most probes can also be made with TC's.  Contact A.I.S. for additional information.

About Configure-to-Order Probes:
Operating Temperatures:
If you plan to use your probe above 100C, you must select options that can withstand higher temperatures.
Probes with glass thermistors, stainless steel sheaths and Teflon cable are rated to 200C.
Thermistor Components:
Choose thermistors: You may design most probes to use any thermistor.
44000 Series Thermistors  - Cost-effective 0.2C or 0.1C interchangeability
44000 Series Thermilinear Components - Linear outputs
45000 Series Thermistors - Stable High operating temperature
46000 Series Thermistors - Unsurpassed long-term stability, 0.2C to 0.05C interchangeability
55000 GEM Series Thermistors - Low-cost hermetic, Up to 200C Probe Materials
RTD    385 Series RTD
Epoxy We match epoxies to design requirements.
Stainless Steel 316SS. Tubular probes have rolled ends and uniform wall thickness throughout, hermetic tips and a medical-grade polished finish.
Teflon We use FEP Teflon for the 014.
Aluminum We use 2024 T4 in the 083 probe.
Brass Screws and fittings per ASTM B16 and ASTM B453.
FEP Sealed end Teflon tubing over the stainless steel sheath to protect thermistors from caustic materials. FEP is compatible with compression fitting option.


Cable Styles:

Type Description Temperature Range Gauge Conductor/Shield Typical Outer Diameter
        1-wire 2-wire 3-wire
RP Round PVC -40 to +105C 24 AWG stranded/- - 0.147" 0.147"
RPS Round PVC -55 to +105C 24 AWG stranded/foil - 0.150" 0.160"
RPM Round PVC Mini -55 to +105C 28 AWG stranded/- - 0.100" 0.115"
RT Round TFE Teflon -65 to +200C 26 AWG stranded/- - 0.105" 0.125"
RTS Round TFE Teflon -65 to +200C 26 AWG stranded/braid - 0.120" 0.126"
RN Round SJO Neoprene +60C max 18 AWG stranded/- - 0.300" 0.330"
RNS Round SJO Neoprene +60C max 18 AWG stranded/braid - 0.295" 0.340"
FP Flat PVC -40 to +105C 24 AWG stranded/- - .058 x .115" .044 x .150"
FT Flat TFE Teflon -65 to +200C 30 AWG stranded/- - .032 x .80" 032 x .125"
IA Individual Tefzel -65 to +150C 28AWG stranded/- 0.028" - -
IP Individual PVC -55 to +105C 28 AWG stranded/- 0.034" - -
IPL Individual PVC Large -40 to +80C 22 AWG stranded/- 0.057" - -
IPM Individual PVC -55 to +105C 32 AWG stranded/- 0.028" - -
IT Individual TFE Teflon -60 to +200C 28 AWG stranded/- 0.027" - -
ITL Individual TFE Teflon Large -60 to +200C 24 AWG stranded/- 0.036" - -
ITM Individual TFE Teflon Mini -60 to +200C  32 AWG stranded/- 0.021" - -
IV Individual varnish-insulated -40 to +180C 32 AWG solid/-  0.008" - -
IC Individual tinned copper NA 32 AWG solid/- 0.008" - -
ID Individual Dumet NA 32 AWG solid/- 0.008" - -
TC TC Cable NA   - - -

Note: Lead length tolerance is -0 to +10%

Probe Styles:
Most probes are available with any thermistor.  CONFIGURE-TO-ORDER THERMISTOR PROBES HAVE MINIMUM QUANTITY REQUIREMENTS. SOME, HOWEVER ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AS STANDARD 400 SERIES PROBES.  MOST STANDARD 400 SERIES PROBES HAVE NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENT.  Standard assemblies have 10' RP leads and Phone Plug (PH) terminations. We can often supply standard 400 Series Probes from stock.  Configure to order probes are normally 6 - 8 weeks delivery. 

Part Number Drawing Description Nearest Medical Probe Minimum Order Quantity for Configure to Order
Round PVC
Tip Probe
Combines ruggedness and flexibility. The vinyl plastisol encapsulation protects against mechanical shock. The thermistor encapsulant and cable are the same material, which provides moisture resistance. The PVC cable construction provides abrasion protection.
Application: Excellent for applications such as environmental temperatures and supplying temperature data of test subjects for compensation. Tolerates many days of immersion without internal water shunts.
Typical Time Constant: 7 seconds
Temperature Range: -40 to 105C
401AC 14
with Leads
YSI 014 Probe Examples Constructed with individual leads for flexibility of use. The advantage of the YSI 014 probe is the ability to control placement and insulation of the leads to maximize response time and reduce measurement error. Glass thermistors are spliced to insulated leads. This splice is covered with 2" of Teflon shrink tubing.
Application: YSI 014 probes are generally the lowest cost and are used frequently in instrumentation.
Typical Time Constant: 1 to 3 seconds
Temperature Range: Thermistor and cable dependent
YSI 014 Thermistor with FEP Option (resists attack from almost all chemicals in the industrial environment. The exceptions are hydrofluoric acid, alkaline metals, and a few other compounds.  While Teflon is highly water-vapor-permeable, its extremely resistant to attack by ionized compounds. The specific heat of Teflon is quite high, making this style a poor choice for gas temperature measurement.)
Application: A frequent application is temperature measurement and control of plating baths.  When mounting the probe in a chemically active environment, prevent splashing into the back of the tube.
Typical Time Constant: 2.5 seconds
Temperature Range: Thermistor and cable dependent
  Contact A.I.S.
Small Diameter
The 017 style thermistor offers YSI pressed disk interchangeable ceramics in their smallest form factor. Compatible with 10k ohm or 30k ohm thermistors in either 0.2 and 0.1C tolerance, this style offers excellent response time and minimal stem effect.
Application: Low mass, critical applications requiring the interchangeability and stability
offered by pressed disk ceramics.
Typical Time Constant: 0.5 second
Temperature range: Thermistor and cable dependent
  Contact A.I.S.
030 032
Tubular Probes
The 030 032 Series are 316 SS tubular probes in 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" diameters.
Internal construction ensures reduced stem effect and minimal response time. Use of 55000 Series GEM thermistors offers a low-cost hermetically sealed probe.
Immersion depths can significantly affect measurement accuracy.
Application: Primary application is measurement and control sensing in wet environments.
Compression fittings simplify insertion into flow applications. The FEP option places Teflon coating over the tubular to allow use in caustic environments.
YSI 030 Typical Time Constant: 3 seconds
YSI 031 Typical Time Constant: 3.8 seconds
YSI 032 Typical Time Constant: 4.5 seconds
Temperature range: Thermistor and cable dependent
Small Diameter
Tubular Probe
The 039 style uses sealed-end 304SS hypodermic tubing in conjunction with small cast ceramic thermistors to offer fast response tubular probes. These probes can be made in RTD and TC configurations.  Although limited in availability 2252 ohm or 10k ohm thermistors may be used but they are not interchangeable.  This style offers excellent response time and minimal stem effect for use in small volume samples.
Application: Ideally suited for small volume biological sample measurement, cuvette temperature or similar applications.  Pricing on these probes is significantly high than other probes shown on this page.
Typical Time Constant: 1.5 seconds
Temperature range: Not to exceed 100C
  Limited Availability
Bird Cage Air
The YSI 050 style is designed to measure temperature in dry gas streams. The 050 has the fastest response time of any standard protected probe. While the thermistor is sealed with an insulating epoxy, the seal is not useful in aqueous solutions and should not be immersed. For exposure to wet or abrasive environments, use either a YSI 030 or YSI 052 probe.
Application: Designed for incubator and low-temperature drying systems.
Typical Time Constant: 1 second
Temperature range: Thermistor and cable dependent
The YSI 070 style is designed for long-term burial in soil, concrete or other high-wetness environments. Potted in a polyvinyl cap, it provides a high-integrity seal as well as mechanical protection to the thermistor itself. For best long-term performance we recommend glass-encapsulated thermistors (YSI 45000, 46000, 55000 Series).
Application: While not designed for deepwater immersion, the YSI 070 is frequently used to measure the temperature of bogs, wetlands and wells. It can withstand the pounding punishment of burial in interstate roadways and airport runways.
Typical Time Constant: 15 seconds
Temperature Range: 60C max
See Waterproof Probes 1
Designed for long-term immersion at considerable depth, this style has a stainless/neoprene vulcanized seal with a molded external splice protector. This assembly method provides a high-integrity seal as well as mechanical protection to the leads and the thermistor. For best long-term performance we recommend glass-encapsulated thermistors (YSI 45000, 46000, 55000 Series).
Application: Its designed for deepwater immersion and is frequently used to measure the temperature of deepwater reservoirs, wetlands, and wells. Multiple year immersion at 2,000 feet is feasible. Several such installations are in place for thermal gradient power generation tests. The YSI 071 can withstand the forces of pier mounting in high-wave environments.
Typical Time Constant: 5 seconds
Temperature Range: 60C max
See Waterproof Probes 1

Small Surface

The construction of these probes provides fast response and minimal stem effect
error when used with relatively lightweight and properly mounted leads. The
thermistor is electrically isolated from the case. These probes are not waterproof.
All flat surface sensors require good surface contact while protecting the
noncontact surface from high levels of radiant energy. This can be accomplished
by placing a reflective surface between the sensor and the source.
Application: Designed for permanent or temporary fixed-mount surface temperature
applications. Also for measuring coil and radiator temperatures in heat exchangers.
Typical Time Constant: 1.1 seconds
Temperature Range: Thermistor and cable dependent
Typical Time Constant: 0.3 seconds
Temperature Range: Thermistor and cable dependent
Contact A.I.S.
083 085
Surface Temperature
The 083 085 series surface probes allow attachment to a surface by use of screw
and are differentiated by mounting hole size and housing geometry. The 083 style
has the most rugged housing and offers the greatest surface contact. The 084 and
085 styles offer #8 and #6 screw openings, respectively. The 085 style allows offset
attachment due to its flag lug configuration. All flat surface sensors require good
surface contact while protecting the non-contact surface from high levels of radiant
energy. This can be accomplished by the use of thermal compound between the
surface and probe, and by placing a reflective surface between the sensor and any
radiant energy source.
Application: Designed for bolt-in-place applications. Used to measure, compensate
and control temperatures of motors, surface plates, heat exchangers, and fluid
pumping systems.
YSI 083 Typical Time Constant: 8 seconds
YSI 084 Typical Time Constant: 5 seconds
YSI 085 Typical Time Constant: 3.1 seconds
Temperature range (083 085): Thermistor and cable dependent
090, 091, 093, 094
Screw Probes
The 090 and 093 styles offer thermistors in 8-32 housings of brass and 316 SS
respectively. The 091 and 094 styles offer thermistors in 10-32 housing of brass
and 316 SS respectively. Brass provides an excellent thermal pathway. Stainless steel
offers superior strength over brass but with increased possibility for
measurement error. In all applications, the lead should not be excessively flexed.
Application: Especially useful for measuring relatively thick samples where mass temperature
rather than surface temperature is critical.
YSI 090 Typical Time Constant: 2 seconds
YSI 093 Typical Time Constant: 2.5 seconds
YSI 091 Typical Time Constant: 3.5 seconds
YSI 094 Typical Time Constant: 4 seconds
Temperature range (090, 091, 093, 094): Thermistor and cable dependent
  Contact A.I.S.

Build A Part Number:   (Note:  All of the above can also be built as an RTD or Thermocouple as well.)

For instance - To make an 030 custom probe:

41000 Series Part Number Format                         41030-44033-4.50-RT-120-PH-( )-( )

Model Number________________________________ 41030
Sensor Part Number- from Sensor Section ________________ 44033  (2252Ω Thermistor 0.1C Accuracy, could also be an RTD or TC)
Sheath Length in Inches________________________________________ 4.50
Lead Style- from Lead Style List and Table _____________________________ RT  (This is Round Teflon I almost always use this - TC's require TC wire)
Lead Length in Inches_________________________________________________ 120
Lead Termination/Connector- from Connector List______________________________ PH  (Phone Plug in this case)
Options- from Options List and Table __________________________________________ ( )-( )  (None)

The 030 does not have the spring strain relief that the 406 has.

These are the Lead Styles available:


Individual, #26 to #30AWG stranded, PVC insulation, 125C.
Individual, #26 to #30AWG stranded, TFE insulation, 250
Thermocouple, #24AWG solid duplex , FEP insulation, 200
Thermocouple, #20 or #24AWG solid duplex, fiberglass insulation, 480
Thermocouple, 24AWG solid duplex, PFA insulation, 250
Cable, #24AWG stranded, foil shield, polyurethane jacket, 125C.
Cable, #26AWG stranded, fiberglass jacket, 360
Cable, #22AWG stranded, PVC jacket, 125C.
Cable, #24AWG stranded, foil shield, PVC jacket, 125
Cable, #26AWG stranded, PFA jacket, 250
Cable, #26AWG stranded, braid shield, TFE jacket, 250
TC wire - contact A.I.S. for a P/N

These are the Most Popular Terminations:



Strip & Tin
Spade Lugs (#6)

Phone Plug
RTD, TC or Other Kind of Connector.  Contact us for a P/N

Other sensors, lead styles and terminations are available, including armor, water proof, 0.05C precision, Teflon coating, etc.

Note: These probes are available in Thermistor, TC, RTD and other Sensor Configurations.

Not all combinations are possible.

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