A.I.S. offers RTDs for Industrial, Laboratory, Medical CIP and Sanitary Applications.  RTDs are available in 2, 3 or 4 wire configurations as well as with 4 - 20 mA transmitters. 

Low Cost RTDs are designed with Epoxy fill.  400F Maximum Temperature.  Perfect for Laboratory applications.

Industrial RTDs are designed with MgO fill for rugged reliability.  Industrial RTDs have high temperature solder or welded adapters and optional industrial heads.  RTD transmitters with 4 - 20 mA output are available.

Sanitary and CIP RTDs are available in configurations to meet your requirements.  Standard and sanitary heads are available.

Waterproof RTDs are designed for Underwater or Underground Use. Standard 4 wire configuration.

Industrial and Sanitary RTD configurations are available, Pt 385, 392, Cu, and Ni. Two, three and four wire configurations are offered. Instrumentation Wire for RTDs is also available.  Call or e-mail us with your custom requirement

Examples of Industrial and Sanitary RTDs:

Low Cost RTD

Low Cost RTD
1/8" D.  6 " length.  10' Teflon lead wire. 100 ohm Pt385 - 3 wire 
P/N: RTD-06-3R  6"=Length  - 1/8" D

$ 32.00

TC-1G.JPG (1983 bytes)

Industrial RTD with head.  Up to 12" long.  100Ω Pt 385.  SS sheath.  Al head. Available with optional head mounted transmitter.  2, 3,and 4 wire configurations.

$ 108.00

$ 258.00
with 4-20 mA Transmitter

Ruggedized Industrial RTD with head. Up to 12" Long. 100Ω Pt 385.  SS sheath.  Al head.    2, 3,and 4 wire configurations.

$ 178.00

$ 329.00
with 4-20 mA Transmitter

General Purpose Industrial RTD (12" L, with 10' lead shown). 100Ω Pt 385.  SS sheath. Available with optional Mini-plug.  2, 3,and 4 wire configurations.  Typical price 3 wire Teflon leads.

$ 86.00

Custom RTDs with Mini-connector, head or transmitter.  Optional Teflon jacket.  Used in Pharmaceutical applications. Please specify configuration and length.

Contact A.I.S.

RTD Connector Block

Connector Block - RTDs with heads have connector blocks for easy connection.  An example is shown at the left.  To order separately specify P/N PYR-TB342 (4 wires) or PYR-TB343-6 (6 wires)

$ 8.00 - 4 wires
$ 10.00
- 6 wires

4 - 20 mA Transmitters are available for RTDs.  These may be head mounted or DIN rail mounted for convenience. 

Calibration included - please specify lower, upper temperature and
F or C.  Output is 4 - 20 mA, loop powered. 

$ 150.00

Sanitary and CIP configurations are available.  Teflon coating, transmitters etc are available options. Please send us your requirements. 

Contact A.I.S.

Waterproof RTDs are designed for underground or underwater use. Please send us your requirements.  RTD - Underwater/Underground

Contact A.I.S.

Thermistors, TC's

Most of the above available with Thermistors and TCs.  A.I.S. carries thermistors and TCs from a variety of manufacturers.  

Other Products and Information:
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Note:  Prices shown are for reference only, and may change without notice.  Contact Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. for firm price quotations.

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