Thermistors for Precision Temperature Measurement


A.I.S. features thermistors and probes from US Sensor, YSI, Pyromation, Logan Enterprises, SDI, Marlin, and others.  Our Custom Design group at A.I.S. can design parts to meet your most exacting requirements.  With over 30 years of probe design and applications experience, A.I.S. can meet your requirements for accurate, cost effective solutions to your thermistor temperature measurement requirements.  Feel free to contact us at with your temperature measurement and control opportunities.   We also can provide other sensor types and sensor combinations.  

Below is our list of standard stocked products from YSI and other vendors.  Most products are available at OEM prices for orders of 500 pieces or more.

Standard Stock Thermistors: (These thermistors are normally in stock at A.I.S.)
Tolerance YSI/MSI P/N Alternate P/N R25 Curve 1 - 100 Piece Pricing
0.2C 44004 AIS44004 2252 Ω B $ 7.60
44007 AIS44007 5000 Ω B $ 7.60
    50000 Ω B $ 7.60
0.1C 44033 AIS44033 2252 Ω B $ 12.20
44034 AIS44034 5000 Ω B $ 12.20
    50000 Ω B $ 12.20
ThermiLinear 44018   6K/30K   $ 32.00
Other Thermistors Available Upon request

Additional information may also be found on these pages:Probe types

Probes:  A.I.S. can supply probes from medical to industrial.  Many types of probes and material are available including Latex Free Plastic, Stainless Steel, Teflon coated, and low cost disposable.  (Standard 400 Series Probes).  Custom designed probes are also available (Please send us a description).

Component Parts:  From low cost precision interchangeable to surface mount, to high temperature glass and surge limiting thermistors, A.I.S can meet your requirements for high quality parts and fast response.  Many of our parts are in stock for quick delivery.

MSI Temperature Products (formerly YSI)Thermistors

Thermistors from YSI provide highly accurate and stable temperature sensing for measurement, compensation, and control. Tight interchangeability of our precision components allows precise measurement without calibration of circuitry to match individual components.  Thermilinear Composites and NASA certified parts.

YSI Thermistors differ from each other by Encapsulation material around component leads Working temperature range Interchangeability tolerances Testing

YSI thermistors are fabricated using proprietary processes to achieve highly accurate, stable thermistors with each production lot. Comparing stability and accuracy specifications will highlight the advantages of the YSI process. When accuracy is important, there is only one choice - YSI.

Technical Information:

Leaded Thermistors

Interchangeable: Epoxy

44000 Series
44100 Series

Interchangeable: Glass

45000 Series
46000 Series
55000 Series



Old YSI Thermistor Catalog


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