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Doric 450 Low Cost Handheld Thermometer

Laurel Universal Input Panel Thermometer

Doric 400 Multi-Input TC Thermometer

Doric 600 High Resolution Multi-Input Thermometer

TC Multi-TC Selector Switch

Hart Precision 4 Channel Thermometer

TC Transmitters


Doric 450- (TC) Thermometer   $ 295.00


Doric 450-TH ThermometerThe Doric 450 Series digital thermometers are among the most accurate, reliable, and convenient handheld instruments ever developed. Using a unique, patented noise reduction circuit, the Series 450 achieves the high repeatability and accuracy of many line-powered bench top units in a handheld instrument.

A custom-designed dual integrated circuit set gives you a single instrument with wider temperature ranges, higher resolutions, and longer performance than most other handheld thermometers. Data hold freezes the displayed reading for easy viewing away from difficult measurement locations.

Battery life is unsurpassed, with a single 9V battery providing more than 1200 hours of use. An externally available zero pot, conveniently located at the back of the instrument, lets you match ice point calibrations to specific probes for even greater system accuracy.


The 450 (J, K, T or E) input is a TC mini-plug.


The 450 is available in J, K, T or E Thermocouple, RTD, and Thermistor configurations. Please specify when ordering.

Laurel Universal Input Panel Meter   $ 220.00

Laurel L-series TC MeterThe Laurel L-Series Universal Input Panel Meter provides 4 full digits of temperature readout for most common TCs.  The Laurel digital panel meter will display temperature in C or F to with selectable 1 or  0.1 resolution. The L-series offers optional output relays, analog out and communications interfaces.  RS-232, 422 and 485 as well as Modbus protocols are available. 

You can directly connect the L-series to most popular process sensors. These include Thermocouples, RTDs, 4 - 20mA loop Transmitters and DC signals. millivolt, and others.  Scaling in engineering units is standard.  The 6 linearized thermocouple ranges include K, T, J, N, R and S as well as RTD's. TC inputs have automatic cold junction compensation (CJC) with up-scale sensor burnout detection. . Peak function is standard.  An excitation power supply is standard.  Line power: 85-264 VAC power.  Optional low voltage DC power is available.


Doric 400 Series Multi-Input TC Thermometer


Photo of Doric 400 SeriesThe Doric 400 Series digital thermometers feature large 0.8" (20mm) LED display characters which can easily be seen from across the room, and at all viewing angles. The case is solid die-cast aluminum - rugged enough to withstand the most hostile environments.

Temperature resolutions of 1, 0.1(410 Series).

Two models, the 402A and the 412A provide the ability to switch between five inputs of a common type (e.g., type K thermocouples) cutting the costs of measuring and displaying multiple sensors. A row of five pushbutton switches, accessible on the front panel, permits easy switching between sensor readings. A screw terminal is located at the rear of the instrument to which up to five sensors can be attached.

TC types: J, K, T, E, R, S, B

The 400 is available in thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor configurations.


Doric 600 Series TC Thermometer

Doric 600 Series

The Doric 600 Series digital thermometers are among the most accurate, reliable, and convenient bench top  instruments ever developed. Using a unique, patented noise reduction circuit, the Series 600 achieves the high repeatability and accuracy you would expect.

A custom-designed dual integrated circuit set gives you a single instrument with wider temperature ranges, higher resolutions, and longer performance than most other handheld thermometers.


TC types: J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, C, G, D, CGI, J-DIN, T-DIN


Also available in multi-channel configurations, and with alarms.

The 600 is available in thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor configurations.


Multi-TC Selector Switch


Selector switch for digital panel meters and countersSignal Selector Switches with a rotary knob to select up to 12 signals for a digital panel meter or electronic counter.
Available in 2 - 12 position switches.  Three Wires.

Contact material
Loop resistance
Off resistance
Current rating
Voltage rating
Loop Integrity Zener voltage
Loop integrity Zener current
Silver plated brass
< 200 milliohms
> 1000 Megohms
2 A switching
50 V switching
3 V
50 mA max.


Hart Scientific 1529

4 Channel Thermometer


1529Four channels for RTD's, thermistors, and thermocouples  Displays eight user-selected data fields from any channel.  Logs up to 8,000 readings with date and time stamps.  Battery provides eight hours of continuous operation. 

Hart’s Model 1529 Chub-E4 Thermometer gives you four channels, three major sensor types, lab-quality accuracy, and a ton of great features, all at a price you’ll love. 


The Chub-E4 has four inputs for reading four different sensors simultaneously, and we’ll configure those inputs in any of three different ways according to your preference. Choose four channels of thermocouple inputs, four channels of RTD/thermistor inputs, or two channels of each. With this thermometer, reading thermocouples, RTD's, and thermistors accurately from the same device is no problem. 

Thermocouple inputs read all the common thermocouple types, including B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T, and Au-Pt, and allow you to choose between internal and external reference junction compensation. Typical accuracy for a type J thermocouple at 600°C is ±0.35°C using internal reference junction compensation and not including the thermocouple. 

Thermocouples connect using standard or miniature terminations. Measurements are taken each second and can be taken simultaneously or sequentially. A special high-speed mode allows measurements on one channel to be taken at the rate of 10 per second. 


If you think three sensor types and four inputs sounds versatile, wait until you see the display panel on the Chub-E4. Displaying measurements in °C, °F, K, ohms, or millivolts and choosing temperature resolution from 0.01 to 0.0001 are just the beginning. 

You can also select any eight items from our long list of displayable data fields to view on-screen. Choose statistical functions such as averages, standard deviations, and spreads; choose probe information such as probe type and serial number; choose T1-T2 functions using inputs from any two channels; or choose utility functions such as the date, time, and battery power level. You can even save up to 10 screen configurations for easy recall. 

The push of a single front-panel button also brings up a simple menu system to easily guide you through all the internal setup and memory options of the 1529. Probe coefficients, sample intervals, communication settings, password settings, and a host of other functions are all easily accessible. 


The memory and communications capabilities of the Chub-E4 make it perfect for bench top thermometry, on-site measurements, lab calibration work, and remote data logging. Optional software packages from Hart make this one of the most powerful thermometers on the market. 

With battery power and memory to store up to 8,000 measurements (including date and time stamps) at user-selected intervals, the 1529 has plenty of data logging capability. Store 100 individual measurements or any number of automatic log sessions (up to 8,000 readings), each tagged with an identifying session label. Fourteen different logging intervals may be selected, from 0.1 second to 60 minutes.   

With Hart’s 9935 LogWare II, data may be quickly downloaded to your PC for complete graphical and statistical analysis. Separate log sessions may even be automatically downloaded to separate files based on session labels. With this software, the 1529 can even be used for real-time data logging. Log four channels at once directly to your PC with virtually no limit to the number of data points you take. You can analyze data, set alarm events, and even set delayed start and stop times. 

With MET/TEMP II software, the Chub-E4 may be integrated into a completely automated calibration system. Use one input for your reference thermometer and calibrate up to three other thermometers automatically. An RS-232 port is standard on every unit. An IEEE-488 port is optional. 

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