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All orders are subject to review and acceptance by Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. Prices are subject to change. Any change in price must be approved prior to shipment.

Advanced Industrial Systems and the Engineer Logo are copyrighted by Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc.

Payment Terms

  1. U.S. customers may apply for open account status.  A.I.S. payment terms are net 15 days.  Customers who consistently exceed our payment dates may have future credit declined.  All accounts are at the discretion of the A.I.S. credit department.

  2.  A.I.S. accepts credit cards from US customers with verifiable physical addresses.  Credit cards from Canada and Mexico are accepted on a case by case basis.  A.I.S. does not accept credit cards from international customers except for established customers with verifiable addresses.  A.I.S. accepts international credit cards for small orders on a case by case basis. Credit cards are normally charged on shipment. International and special order products are charged on order placement.

  3. A.I.S. accepts checks and cash.  A $ 35.00 fee will be assessed for returned checks.  Checks on foreign banks will be accepted subject to deposit clearing.  All checks should be in US funds.

  4. A.I.S. accepts wire transfers; however a fee will be added to the order to cover the incoming wire transfer cost.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. All orders are subject to review and acceptances by Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. Prices are subject to change. Any change in price must be approved by you prior to shipment.

  2. Orders are normally shipped complete unless you authorize us to make a partial shipment.  Special order or non-stock items may hold up shipment if partial shipments are not authorized.

  3. A.I.S. shall not be responsible for typographical errors.  In case of typographical errors your sole recourse is to return the material in unused condition via prepaid freight.

  4. All items carry only the manufacturer’s warranty.  A.I.S. shall provide reasonable assistance in pursuing warranty claims, but in no case will be responsible for warranty fulfillment.  In no event shall Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to loss of use, loss of data, loss of business or profits. Some localities do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Export Regulations

  1. If this transaction involves an export under the U.S. export regulations, the commodities, technology and/or software sold or distributed for sale and exported from the United States by A.I.S. were exported in accordance with U.S. law and export regulations. Diversion, use, export or re-export contrary to United States law is prohibited. The commodities, technology and/or software sold or distributed from Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. may not be be exported or re-exported to countries prohibited from trading with the United States. 

  2. Manufacturers' warranties for exported products may vary or may be null and void for products exported outside the United States.


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Note:  Prices shown are for reference only, and may change without notice.  Contact Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc. for firm price quotations.

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