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The ThermaViewer stores and displays a complete temperature history, automatically collecting temperatures from its sensors every few seconds/minutes or hours.  

It stores months of data, building a graph of the temperature history for your refrigerators, freezers, warehouses, rooms, ovens, etc, etc, etc.... 

  • Saves months of data.

  • One or Four Channels

  • No paper charts or pens.

  • Simple to install & use.

  • Includes PC software & cable.

  • Secure data.

  • Works during power outages.

  • Export data to Excel, Access, Word, etc.

  • Print out reports for auditors.

  • Relay to trigger alarm or dialer.

  • One year replacement warranty!

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Monitor & Alarm: 

     Refrigerators and Freezers;


     Isolation and Clean Rooms

     Cold Storage and Warehouses

     Blood & Pharmaceutical Storage Units

     Computer Rooms

     HVAC Conditions

     Laboratories and Operating Rooms


of Channels
: 1 - 4
Data Storage Interval: User selectable: 10 sec - 24 Hours.
Type of Averaging: Slow, Medium or Fast
Data Storage: 80,000 samples/channel. (Chart)
Display: Programmable, graphical & numeric.
Display Resolution: .1 Degree on LCD display, 0.0001 on PC. (stored as a 14 digit number)

Temperatures Ranges:
Digital sensor: -20F to 180F (3.0 C Typical).
Thermistor: -40F to 180F (0.3C Typical) ( .2C available)
Thermocouple: J, K, T TV2

Humidity Range: 2% to 95%, (3% RH at 73F).    

Calibration Characterization: Optional NIST traceable.       
On Board RAM: 512k
Storage Technique: Battery Backed-Up SRAM.
Power: 120vac (wall transformer) with emergency 9vdc battery backup.
Battery Backup: >40 hours.
Output to PC: RS 232 (Com port) via custom cable (DB9 to Audio plug).
Included real-time data acquisition & data download.
Indicators: LCD & LED.
Controls: Seven buttons on membrane switch.
User Settings: Via ThermaViewer menu system.
LCD Pixels: 180 Horizontal, 90 Vertical.
Measurement Range: Based on the probe being used to collect data
(see above).

LCD Temperatures: 32F to 122F operating. -4F to 154F non-operating.
LCD: Size - 2.5" x 4.5" (128x240 pixels), Graphic Display.
LED: Green indicates AC power present.
Size: 8 3/8 x 5 x 1 3/8"
Weight: 5.5 lb.
Relay: Passive 2 terminal < at 30 volts, (fused for .1 amp).
Alarm Conditions: min, max, rate of change.

1 ThermaViewers are shipped with a US style two prong 12VAC 500mA wall power outlet, and cables
2 Includes PC interface software & cable, battery backup & a 1 yr replacement warranty.

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