West VersaVU
Paperless Chart Recorder/Data Logger


Temperature Applications Notes
Partlow Chart Recorders

This Product is no longer available. 
The Information below is for reference only.

Quick Specs...

  • USB Data Logging/Programming
  • Graphical VGA TFT Display
  • Plain Language Prompts
  • Optional Real Time Math Operations
  • Universal Inputs (V, mV, TC, DI, mA)
  • Up to 12 Channels Internal
  • 12 Additional Channels over Modbus
  • 5 Languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Modbus RS485 and Modbus TCP Ethernet supported
  • Standards CE, UL and cUL
  • IP66 (NEMA4X) Front
USB Datalogging 

USB Data Logging & Programming

  • Easy Plug-in Data Logging
  • Transfer Programming and Data
  • Build Offline Programs
  • Save Alarms, Events
  • Internal Data Collection Transfer to Computer

Universal Analog + Digital In, Digital Out, Analog Out

Univeral Analog: (V, mV, TC, DI, mA)

Digital Inputs:
lOne card with 8 DI. l
Functions include:
  • Start/stop of the recorder
  • Start/stop of timer
  • Record the status
  • Change recording speed
  • Start/stop batch (batch option)
uDigital Outputs:
lUp to 12 relay outputs (4/8/12)
Analog Outputs:
lOne card with 6 rretransmissin outs
VersaVU Displays

Versatile Displays

  • Full Color VGA
  • Trend, digital, bar, overview, information
  • Easy Set-up
  • On Screen Programming
  • On Screen Help
  • Programmable Display Parameters
  • Multilanguage - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Versatile Display

Display Configurator

  • Multiple Displays per Page
  • Four Different Display Configurations
  • 8 Display Groups - 12 Channels per Group
  • Time of Day
  • Historical Data + Real Time
  • Batch Reports
  • Remote Stop, Start
Alarm Management

Alarm Management and Reporting

  • Complete Overview of Alarms
  • Long Text Alarm Descriptions
  • Direct Access to Historical Data


  • Modbus TCP Master/Slave
  • Browser
  • Built In Software

PC Configuration

  • All of the Software is Self Contained
  • No CD's to keep track of
  • Back-up Settings for Quick Configuration
  • Document Program

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